5 smart ways to be the safest home in the neighborhood

Having a safe home means more than securing cleaning products and maintaining your privacy fence. Luckily, technology is making it easier and almost automatic to be ready for severe weather, including dangerous, sudden hailstorms.

Less than two years ago, softball-sized hail hit Texas, causing $3.5 billion in damage in about an hour. Even pea-sized hail can seriously damage roofs, gutters, siding, windows, landscaping, and your car. Quarter-sized hail destroys roof shingles, and golf ball-sized hail splits wood.

A strong roof protects the whole house, and everyone and everything in it. Do you know how strong your roof really is?

We’ve created a free tool to let you check the weather history of your home. We’re the only company tracking weather by address, so you’ll be able to instantly know if your roof has had damaging hail strikes.

Why is that important? You are far less likely to get a premium increase for filing a weather damage claim after a big storm. And far more likely to get that claim paid. So if all your neighbors are getting new roofs, you probably can, too. On average, people file homeowners’ claims only every 10 years. Get greater value from your policy by knowing exactly when to file a claim.

Other ways to be safe include installing storm doors and vinyl windows.They usually have shatter-resistant glass that provides extra safety during storms, and another layer of safety from extreme weather, hot or cold.

During big storms, close your curtains and drapes to protect those inside from weather effects. Locking vinyl windows are resistant to warping or rotting from exposure to water.

Keep your landscape trimmed so limbs or trees can’t fall and injure someone or harm your home or vehicle.

Download a weather app, preferably one from a local news channel. During this time of year, it pays to pay attention to the weather.



Do you already have hail damage to your roof? Check your address today for free. See your home’s weather history. 

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