Bullseye Customer Targeting: Part One

Know exactly which homes need repair after a weather event

The biggest challenge to many companies after a storm is knowing which homes are damaged enough to be eligible for insured repair. Imagine a daily map showing precisely which homes have been damaged after a major weather event.

Would that make your life easier as an emergency responder, or roofer, tree service company, utility, emergency cleanup company, or disaster response team?

Of course it would. And now, for the first time, and only from WeatherCheck, you can sign up to receive an email every day with the addresses of homes damaged by hail and other weather perils.

Our algorithm is so precise, we report only homes incurring enough damage to warrant an insurance claim. We use the standard of the toughest insurance company in the country, so if WeatherCheck reports a residence has roof damage, it needs to be checked and repaired as soon as possible.

We search every single residential address, every single day, generating a new lead list every 24 hours.

You can access this list by address, or by owner, or both. Because we report only damaged homes, the number of addresses on the list varies daily.

Sign up today, and be the first company in your area to receive this exclusive list, every day.

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