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Simply sign up the address you want protected and we’ll start monitoring. There’s no need to put any physical monitors on your property.

If you’d like to monitor a single address, just search that address in the input field on any page. (There’s even one at the very bottom of this page.) You’ll then be prompted to create an account on the next page.

If you’re interested in signing up more than one property, please fill out the form below to get started.

We currently monitor commercial and residential properties.

No! We’re able to provide accurate and timely information by using our large number of data sources.

We pull data from over 30 private and publicly available sources. Some of these sources include atmospheric data from NOAA, MLS data and even social media feeds.

Our hail damage probability is 90+% accurate. We don’t release a new weather peril unless we meet this threshold. Our team of meteorologists, data scientists and engineers ensure that we consistently provide precise information.

Basic monitoring for single addresses is free!  Advanced monitoring is $10/month or pay in advance for only $100/year.  When you consider that the average hail claim costs between $7,000 and $10,000, it’s a no brainer!

If you’re a business and want to protect more than twenty properties, email sales@weathercheck.co for special pricing.

We monitor commercial and residential addresses across the continental United States and Canada.

The only international properties we currently monitor are in Canada.  If you don’t live in the United States or Canada, fill out the form below so we can let you know when we’re monitoring in your country.

Only upon request and only for our portfolio clients. Single Address users only see a year’s worth of damage since insurance carriers will typically pay a claim up to a year after the event. Of course, the exact window of time depends on your policy and insurance provider. This is why we believe that the sooner a claim is filed, the better.

We are adding services as they’re requested. Contact us with what you’re looking for at sales@weathercheck.co or via the chat bubble you see in the bottom right corner of your screen.

We have multiple weather perils on our roadmap. We’ll be offering the following in the near future:

  • Wind
  • Lightning
  • Flood
  • Extreme Temperatures
  • Snow & Ice
  • Surge
  • Tornados
  • Fire

Yes, contact us at sales@weathercheck.co or via the chat bubble you see in the bottom right corner of your screen.

For Insurance Carriers

Yes, you can schedule a demo by emailing us at sales@weathercheck.co with dates and times convenient to you.

Yes. Notify executive teams, claims managers, agents or even policyholders via text, email or phone. Our notification system can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

For Property Owners

A WeatherCheck Report alerts you when there is a 90% or greater chance that your property has been damaged, and gives you the details you need to file an insurance claim with confidence. Your insurance company will conduct its own assessment. If you would like further assistance with your hail damage claim, request to be included in our Claims Concierge pilot program. You can learn more here.

For our Single Address product, you can monitor one address per email account.

Our portfolio solution is currently in an invitation-only pilot program. If you would like to participate, contact us at sales@weathercheck.co or via the chat bubble you see in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Congratulations on becoming a Weather-Ready property owner! First, you’ll see if you have had any hail within the past 365 days, and if so, the severity of the damage. WeatherCheck will give you the details you need to file a claim with confidence.

Regardless if you do or don’t have damage, WeatherCheck will notify you when a damaging hail event has occurred and what next steps you need to take.  

Yes! You can request to be included in our private Claims Concierge pilot program, a property restoration application where we help property owners through the entire claims process, from filing to contractor management and full roof replacement.

If you are about to file a hail damage claim––or you’ve already filed and are frustrated with the process––request access here.

The first notice of loss refers to the moment when your insurance carrier is notified that damage has potentially occurred, kicking off the claims process. With WeatherCheck, you get notified as soon as the weather event happens, so you’ll be able to start the repair process sooner, and limit further damage.


Single Address users can receive text message notifications if they upgrade to Advanced Monitoring for $10/month. Text message notifications are included in our Portfolio product free of charge.

Yes. Email support@weathercheck.co for additional payment methods.

Single Address users may cancel their monitoring at any time by emailing support@weathercheck.co with their request.

Portfolio clients should email their account representative with their request for further instructions.

Any questions we missed? Contact us at info@weathercheck.co

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