If you own a roof, or a bunch of roofs, you need WeatherCheck

For the first time, weather monitoring specific to an address is available. Only from WeatherCheck, and free for you to try.

WeatherCheck uses a sophisticated collection of proprietary data sets to derive its proprietary algorithm, that already predicts damage from severe weather correctly 90+% of the time. The value is knowing when hail is coming, and when it has caused damage, so you can limit further damage and effect repairs sooner.

Using WeatherCheck greatly improves the all-important first notice of loss process, by providing the data to support valid claims, and by providing it instantly, so your claim moves to the front of the adjustment process. This puts you first in line for repairs, and restoration of home and business.

We currently monitor for hail, but in the coming months, we will begin to monitor for several other perils, including winds, fire, and flooding.

Anyone can try the system for free. By entering any address in the U.S., you get the hail damage history. Hail damage is often hidden damage, so by learning the hail history of the address, you can better decide if an inspection is necessary. You’ll learn the number of times hail struck the address and the size of the hail each time. Our algorithm is conservative, so if WeatherCheck says you have damage, you’re going to want to act.

Even large portfolios can use WeatherCheck for free to search hail history for each address. Then you can receive 24/7/365 monitoring going forward, so you never miss a chance again to get a roof replaced from a covered event. This is especially valuable to those who own property where they don’t reside, such as investors. Now you can know what is happening, and when you need to make repairs. Renters don’t usually report damage they can’t see.

Severe weather damage and severe weather insurance claims are growing every year. It is vital to leverage your insurance as efficiently as possible. Enroll your properties today and use the platform for free to see your weather damage history over a full year lookback. Insurance claims can normally be filed up to a year after damage has occurred.

Does your property have hidden weather damage?

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