Part 1 Insider secrets: Your safe home’s invisible best friend

The biggest homeowners insurance claim most people ever have is for a new roof,on average a $7,00-$12,000 project. Your deductible – the part you pay – could be as little as $500 and as much as $10,000. 

If you want your insurance company to pay off, you have to know when and how to use it. And that’s something insurance companies don’t make easy.

So, what if you had an invisible friend who knew exactly when you should file without getting a rate hike, and could even file for you, get you a reduced rate on the repairs, and guarantee your satisfaction?

That friend is WeatherCheck. For pennies a day, our software can monitor the weather at your individual address. We’ll tell you when it’s damaged by weather, with a detailed report including hail size or wind speed to support a valid insurance claim.

From other publicaly available data, we already know what kind of roof you have, and how old your house is, so our report that your roof needs repair is urgent.

Why is that important? Because right after a major weather event is the best time to file a claim. Many insurers don’t even send adjusters after a big event. They just approve all claims in a geographic area, that we can define down to the specific address.
And we’re the only company that can.

All you have to do is enter your address in our system. No credit card, no other information. This is a new service, and we are letting people try it for free for the rest of the year, and into the first part of 2019.

That’s it. You do nothing else. Your home’s invisible best friend – WeatherCheck – is one the job.
The algorithm and the software do the rest. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing.

If you missed the big weather event, when all your neighbors were getting new roofs, we can still tell you how to file a valid claim for up to a year. Having the science of WeatherCheck behind you is like having the adjuster in your pocket.

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