After the storm know instantly which loan to inspect

Gain insight about your true risk from weather damage. Track your entire loan portfolio 24/7/365. Mitigate or avoid business disruption for just pennies a day.

Be ready. Enroll properties today. The weather won’t wait.
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How WeatherCheck works

Traditional mortgage products don’t take the volatility of weather into consideration when offering or servicing loans. Understand exactly how weather is affecting your loans for more profitable decisions.

Gain industry-leading insight into your non-performing loans by knowing with properties were damaged within 24 hours.

For every dollar you spend preparing, you’ll save $6 in repair expense.


Lead the next generation of mortgage products by identifying new product opportunities with WeatherCheck’s data, differentiating your solutions from the crowd.

Improve the flow of information between loan holders and lenders by offering free weather monitoring to your mortgagors with our white labeled product.

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Platform features

Property prioritization

Address-specific weather history

Real-time data & notifications

Robust API integrations

White label capabilities

Coming soon: Mortgager communications

Coming soon: Tmperature & wind data

Coming soon: Disaster declaration data

WeatherCheck can revolutionize your business.

Gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing more about your loans, only with WeatherCheck.

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