Why Having Your Roof Monitored Matters

If you’re like most people, you have a combination of online streaming subscriptions, so you can catch all your favorite shows. In today’s world, the FOMO (fear of missing out) is at epic proportions. We desire almost everything at our fingertips instantly, to enable more enjoyment and better decision-making. All this for good reason, the content is available to us.

WeatherCheck does for your homeowner’s insurance what streaming has done for your TV habit. WeatherCheck monitors the weather at your home to ensure that you don’t miss a thing. We notify you of episodes of severe weather that might be worth your attention and even better, make you aware of ones that you didn’t even know about, like hidden hail damage.

Hail is the top reason roofs get damaged. And too many people don’t know their roof is even damaged until their ceiling leaks, creating a way more costly problem.

Hail does this by striking your roof so hard, so many times, it fractures the wood beneath the shingles. You might only see a loose or damaged shingle here and there, and beneath the shingles, the wood is pocked by thousands of divots, where rain can now sit, and rot the roof.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is you can now have your roof monitored 24/7/365 for pennies. You can be instantly notified that not just weather, but damaging weather has hit your home.

How can we identify damaging weather, and not blow up your phone with irritating alerts every time the wind blows?

To start, we gather exclusive data sets that only WeatherCheck uses to know what your roof is made of, how old it is, the weather history at your address, and the way your insurance company makes decisions about paying for your new roof.

So for the first time, you can level the playing field, know exactly when to file a claim, and have access to the kind of information that you need to support a successful claim.

Roofs are the most expensive repair claim most families ever have. With WeatherCheck, it’s like knowing you’ll be able to get a free new roof when you really need it.

That’s why having your roof monitored matters.

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