Know if your property was damaged by hail, even if you’re not there.

How WeatherCheck works



Just enter your street address and a method of contact.

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Only WeatherCheck tracks hail damage by the address.



You’ll be notified instantly when damaging weather hits your address.

Check your weather history

As soon as you sign up, you can look back a full year at the hail history of your address. If you have existing damage, you can file a claim right away.


Why choose WeatherCheck?

Did you know that the best time to file an insurance claim is right after a major weather event? Claims filed right after large-scale weather events are more often successful and far less likely to trigger a premium hike. Only WeatherCheck can tell you If you immediately when weather damages your home, you can use your insurance to your best benefit.


Real-time data

Our algorithms analyze data from more than a dozen sources, to identify weather-caused damage as it happens.


24/7/365 Protection

The sooner damage is found, the sooner it can be repaired, before expensive leaks ruin interiors.


Easy to subscribe

Enroll online, any number of properties. Cancel any time.


See what you couldn’t before

Check your portfolio for free, for existing weather damage from the past year, which could still be covered by insurance.


Be prepared for bad weather

Have your Property Manager automatically alerted when bad weather threatens, so damage can be mitigated or avoided.


Save time and money

If weather damage does occur, you get notified, so repair is accelerated. Get in front of the claims adjustment process.


Sign up is easy! Enroll your properties through .csv or spreadsheet. Or call us for help 502-208-8424.

WeatherCheck monitors your property 24/7/365. To help you prepare when severe weather threatens, text messages are sent to anyone you designate.

When WeatherCheck detects that severe weather has affected your property, a report is emailed to anyone you designate. It contains details to support an insurance claim, including event duration and intensity.

A one-year lookback for existing damage and another year of monitoring going forward is $120 per structure.

No. Text notifications are included with annual monitoring. Any number can be notified.

Yes. Email sales@weathercheck.co for additional payment methods.

Yes, you may cancel your monitoring at any time, with no refund, and no data will be stored on your property after cancellation.

No, at this time, monitoring does not require a weather-sensing device. They can be very helpful. This is why we request permission during the registration process.

Not today, but we are adding services regularly. Please sign up to receive our newsletter for updates.

Yes, please contact us at sales@weathercheck.co for more information.

A WeatherCheck Report alerts you when there is a 90% or greater chance that your property has been damaged. You will still need to file a claim, and your insurance company will conduct its own assessment. We provide the tools to help you through the process.

First notice of loss refers to the moment when your insurance carrier is notified that damage has potentially occurred, kicking off the claims process. With WeatherCheck, you get notified as soon as the weather event happens, so you’ll be able to start the repair process sooner, and limit further damage.

Know if your property was hit, even if you’re not there.

Gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing more about your real estate, only with WeatherCheck. Get started for free.

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