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Our mission is to reinvent the way people respond to weather

The team at WeatherCheck is dedicated to serving property owners and managers. First, our algorithms look back a full year to discover your property’s severe weather history. You could have undetected damage. Then, we monitor your property 24/7/365. When bad weather is predicted, you’ll receive real-time notifications, so you can take precautions and maybe even save lives.

WeatherCheck is like a wall around your property, ensuring protection from needless, out-of-pocket repair expenses. It’s simple and easy, and brings peace of mind, especially about properties you own out of town. Get protected today. Join the community of property owners safeguarded by WeatherCheck.


WeatherCheck is built by a team with backgrounds in construction, property management, software development, weather science, marketing, journalism, and social entrepreneurship, with Fortune 500 experience. We’ve come together to reinvent the way people respond to weather, and to build a product companies love to use.

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Could your property have hidden weather damage?

Check an address against a year’s worth of weather data to see if your property has undetected damage that could be covered by insurance.

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