OUR MISSION is to use technology to
harness weather for good and profit.

Your 21st Century Weather Strategy

Whether you own 20 homes or 2,000, only WeatherCheck can tell you when to use insurance for covered repairs. For the first time, know exactly when to file a claim for weather-related damage repairs. Our team of weather scientists, AI professors, climatologists, cloud computing engineers, and claims analysts is the only one in the country providing the address-specific information owners require to minimize out-of-pocket expense, maximize profit, and safeguard investment.

WeatherCheck’s founders are dedicated to giving property owners actionable weather data. For about the price of a fancy cup of coffee, we’ve uncovered hidden damage in the tens of thousands, still eligible for insured repairs. For property owners from coast to coast, we monitor and protect assets ranging in value from $45,000 to more than $4.5million.

Why WeatherCheck

Hail damage isn’t always the easiest to see. Most people only know they have damage after they get a roof leak. By then it costs a lot more to fix than if they had patched it initially. This informs insurance inspectors which properties to check. With out our data, they would either a) manually inspect every home wasting time and money, or b) wait for the roof to leak.


See what you couldn’t before

Check an address to see if your property may have undetected damage from the past year’s weather, which could be covered by insurance.


Be Prepared For Bad Weather

Property managers and owners are notified about bad weather before it hits. With WeatherCheck, they know what actions to take to mitigate damage before it happens.


Know what to do next

If weather damage does occur, WeatherCheck automatically notifies you about which properties may be affected, so you can file a claim within 24 hours. Get in front of the restoration process quickly and limit any damage that might occur later.

Our Data

  Portfolio health

  Total damaging weather events against the portfolio for the past 365 days

  Total weather events for the past 365 days across the US

  Total weather events against the portfolio for the past 365 days

  Days since last damaging event

  Average hail size to hit portfolio

  Largest hail size to hit portfolio

  Most common peril to hit portfolio

  Monthly average of damaging events

  Property ages

  Estimated total portfolio value

  Top 5 properties with most number of events


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Love for Louisville

WeatherCheck monitors real estate for weather-related issues. Our headquarters is in Louisville, Kentucky, in the Midwestern heart of the most weather-challenged nation on earth. North America, the U.S. specifically, experiences more of the the world’s weather extremes than any other part of the planet, including hail, wildfires, tornadoes, floods, blizzards, heat waves and cold snaps.

WeatherCheck believes that by being located where damaging weather actually occurs most frequently, we have a greater understanding of its effects on people and assets.

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How can we help?

Because this service has never been available before, we welcome your questions, concerns, and comments. We are dedicated to helping property owners make the most of their investments. How can WeatherCheck help you today?

Does your property have weather damage?

Check an address against a year’s worth of weather data to see if your property has hidden damage. Most insurance covers damage up for up to a year. You may still be eligible for covered repairs.

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