How To Use WeatherCheck To Discover Possible Hail Damage

This article was originally written by Steve Anderson and published on Steve Anderson’s blog. You can read it here.


The recent spate of severe storms throughout the Midwest is a reminder that spring brings insurance claim challenges for many agencies. Severe weather can affect an insurance agency’s own office and homes as well as their clients. One of the questions often asked by policyholders is, “Did the recent hail damage my roof? And, should I file a claim?”


When we lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, severe thunderstorms with hail were a common occurrence. It is often difficult for a homeowner to know if their roof was

damaged. Then, the roofing contractor knocks on your door and says your neighbors’ homes were damaged.

Without understanding the potential consequences of filing a claim.


What is WeatherCheck?

WeatherCheck is a Kentucky-based company that created a solution to alert a property owner when a hail event occurred in their area.

WeatherCheck monitors properties for incoming storms and the potential damage, providing specific information such as the size of hail in that location. The platform gathers and analyzes storm data down to particular streets and provides a homeowner with a possible damage report so they can better understand if they should file an insurance claim.

According to the WeatherCheck, in 2018 there were a total of 5,000 hail events reported. Four thousand of those had hail 1 inch or larger, and 400 had reports of hail greater than 2 inches.

You can check a single address for free. You can also monitor an address by creating a free account. Advanced monitoring options are available for $10 per month or for $100 per year paid in advance. If you’re a business and want to receive notifications for more than twenty properties, email sales@weathercheck.co for special pricing.

WeatherCheck is a tool you could use in your office when a client calls in with a potential hail damage claim. You can also use if for a newsletter to provide your current clients with a tool to help them better manage their insurance program.

What other tools do you use in your office to help clients manage their insurance program?



This article was originally written by Steve Anderson and published on Steve Anderson’s blog. You can read it here.

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