WeatherCheck grows staff and customer base


July 03, 2018

WeatherCheck grows staff and customer base
Adds seven full-time staff members; now protecting 30,000+ properties

Louisville, Ky. — Louisville-based tech startup WeatherCheck has added seven more members to its full-time professional team, bringing the total to 12.

“Things are going very well,” said founder and chief executive officer Demetrius Gray. “We’re excited to add more extraordinarily talented folks to our team. They reflect our dedication to building a world-class company based in Louisville, Kentucky.” Gray owns the company with co-founder and chief technical officer Jermaine Watkins.

WeatherCheck is a Software-as-a-Service company, currently enrolling property assets by annual subscription for protection from severe weather. Only WeatherCheck makes premise-specific damage assessments and sends pre- and post-event weather alerts to trigger actions, such as filing an insurance claim. It is automating the entire process, from damage detection to repair.

WeatherCheck currently tracks hail damage, and will track several other perils by the end of 2018, including wind, fires, floods, and storm surge. The company recently enrolled its 30,000th property nationwide. Its proprietary software has applications across several industries, including real estate, insurance, banking, logistics, and emergency response.

WeatherCheck new hires for May and June, 2018:

Chona Camomot

Title: Chief of Staff

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Chona, a Kentucky native, is an award-winning former multimedia journalist and broadcast producer. She has Fortune 500 experience managing corporate philanthropic efforts. Chona manages day-to-day business operations and coordinates corporate relations.

Allie Garrett

Title: Meteorologist and Severe Weather Specialist

Location: Madisonville, Kentucky

Allie is a Kentucky native, with a degree in Meteorology/Climatology/Geology and a minor in Earth Sciences. She started chasing storms at 16, earning the nickname “Tornado Allie.” She’s a stay-at-home mom who forecasts for WeatherCheck daily. She is also working to develop unique metrics and data collection methods for the company’s peril damage tracking platform.

Andrew Allen

Title: Business Development Manager

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Andrew works to advance WeatherCheck relationships with municipal, state, and federal offices and agencies, as well as with government-sponsored enterprises. As a former police sergeant in Nashville, he was a first responder to weather-related emergencies. Andrew recognized WeatherCheck as an opportunity to help protect people and property during severe weather events.

Kathryn Ginther

Title: Graphic Designer

Location: Portland, Maine

Kathryn works collaboratively with design, marketing, development, and weather teams to produce compelling digital and print advertisements, landing pages, and social media content and to wireframe, design, test, and implement our software. Kathryn’s drawn to all forms of visual communication and the unique perspective that evolves from keeping an interdisciplinary practice.

Alexa Hix

Title: Marketing Assistant/ Junior Graphic Designer

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Alexa heads the WeatherCheck social media team, creating and posting sharable, informative content across multiple channels daily. She joined WeatherCheck to learn more about business processes while growing her digital creative skill set.

Ethan Robbins

Title: Software Developer

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Ethan helps WeatherCheck develop and implement new components of its proprietary software, and works to improve the performance of existing components. He has experience coding, and using Geographic Information System mapping technology. Ethan is a graduate of Code Louisville, a public–private partnership to grow the number of software developers in the region.

Riley Noe

Title: Intern

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Riley is the utility player on the WeatherCheck team, doing everything from pitching at conferences to cleaning out the closet. As a finance and economics major at Georgetown College, his goal for the summer was to have real-world experiences and gain valuable connections.

About WeatherCheck

WeatherCheck is a software as a service (SaaS) company enrolling individual real estate assets for weather protection, by annual subscription. Only WeatherCheck makes address-specific damage assessments and sends pre- and post-event weather alerts to trigger action. The company currently tracks hail, and will add tracking for eight other perils by the end of 2018, including wind, flood, and fire.

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