Spring Weather Safety

As the world navigates these uncertain times surrounding COVID-19, one thing that certainly helps is the warmer temperatures and sunshine that come with spring. Many of us are spending even more time outside and because weather conditions can often change quickly this time of year, it is important to be reminded of some tips to keep your family safe.

Before venturing out on that walk or bike ride, be sure you have looked at the forecast for the day. This will help ensure you are prepared in the event of rain, dropping temperatures or potentially severe weather.

Signing up for weather alerts through your local news channels can help stay on top of changing weather conditions. Know the difference between a WATCH and a WARNING. Use good judgment when swimming and playing outside – especially if lightning is present.

Discuss a safety plan with your family. Know where you will go during severe weather threats: basement, away from windows and doors, interior room of the home. Talking through this ahead of time will help ease some of the anxiety when action needs to be taken quickly.

Don’t swim or shower during storms that produce lightning. Bring pets inside. Secure loose items and furniture outside. Driving during excessive rain? Watch for flash flooding; it only takes 12 inches of water to carry away a car.

Create an emergency kit and designate someone to grab it when taking shelter. Some recommended items include first-aid supplies, flashlights, extra batteries, NOAA weather radio, etc.

If severe weather is forecasted, it is a good idea to charge any phones you may need to reach emergency officials. Download your local utility company apps so you can stay informed about power outages in your area. Ensure any large appliances are plugged in to surge protectors to avoid electrical damage. If you have a generator, make sure it is accessible and there is enough fuel to run it. Keep your refrigerator/freezer doors closed to maintain cool enough temperatures for food storage.

Check in with family members and neighbors. Clean up debris in the yard. Assess any damage to your property. If you are signed up with WeatherCheck, you will be informed about possible hail damage and when to contact your insurance provider.

Spring brings about new growth, beautiful blooming flowers, and crisp fresh air. It also means unpredictable weather that can often be severe. Being prepared is so important when it comes to staying safe.

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