$20 Million Available for Iowa Derecho Victims

Louisville-based WeatherCheck® has made $20 million available to speed the disaster recovery and claims process exclusively for Iowans.

“We put people’s lives back together far more quickly than the traditional homeowner’s insurance process. Signing up costs the homeowner nothing, and puts that $20 million to work instantly,” said Demetrius Gray, WeatherCheck Chief Executive Officer. “We hear the relief in the voices of our customers. This is brand new technology, and it’s changing the way we recover from weather disasters.”

For Iowans only, WeatherCheck® is providing free access to its exclusive Preferred Program, giving victims of insured severe-weather losses the fastest-available settlement of property claims. WeatherCheck’s $20 million recovery fund pays the homeowner right away. Signing up is completely free.

Recovery funding for insured loss can be received within 48 hours and repair work is completed typically within 12-14 days when using an approved vendor. There is no cost to the homeowner.

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