What To Do If You Have Hail Damage

It’s a Sunday, the sky is finally sunny and less gloomy after your city underwent a severe weather event – thunderstorm and hail. You notice damage to your vehicle caused by the weather and suspect your roof might have damage as well. What do you do next? Do you file a claim immediately with your insurance company or do you call a roofing company to do an inspection first? Well, contrary to resources that say you should call for a roofer first, there is a better first step to take if you suspect you have hail damage and I’ll guide you through it. We, at WeatherCheck are using Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence – just big words for cool computer tricks – to make your life easier.

The first thing to do after a hailstorm is to search your address on WeatherCheck to see if your property was damaged. Not only have we made checking for hail damage as simple as typing a few alphanumeric letters and clicking, but we also added a feature that describes the extent of the damage. Our site will provide you with information such as the size of hail, the date of the event and our level of certainty about the damage – key to have if and when filing your claim.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Call a Roofer First  

While it’s good to have your roof physically inspected for damage, using a roofing company is not the best choice. Consumers that request several quotes for damage also have an array of opinions from different roofers.  However, the reality is that roofing companies are in the business of dealing with a limited number of insurance carriers and may not know your carriers’ criteria for hail damage. Also, it’s no secret that roofing companies want to replace roofs and are likely to steer towards filing for a roof damage claim.

But Filing a Claim Should be Harmless

You shouldn’t treat filing a claim like a HAIL Mary pass, throwing a claim in this case and hoping it gets approved. While filing a successful claim does not necessarily affect the homeowner in a negative manner, filing a claim that does not get approved is detrimental to your claim history. Unfortunately, a denied claim paints the homeowner as someone that is prone to filing claims, which is a red flag to insurance companies.

We Go Further

Logging on to your WeatherCheck account gives you accurate information that will inform your likelihood of filing a successful claim. With an upgraded account – our technology will give you the option of filing a claim or automatically filing for you.  We love our roofers – in fact, our CEO spent 10 years in that industry and learned that the process of getting your home back after a weather disaster should be easier for homeowners. Our technology allows you to upload your homeowner policy that we then carefully review prior to suggesting filing a claim. With 1.4 million home insurance claims filed with WeatherCheck, we are able to provide informed options based on your unique scenario.

I Still Want to Inspect my Roof

If you would still like to inspect your roof or get pictures to see the extent of damage to your formally pristine shingles, we recommend using a drone. We have partnered with Drone Base, a company with over 47,000 licensed operators in the US. They will send a drone to take high-resolution photos of your roof within 72 hrs. of your request and collect data will be returned to us for analysis. That data is available to you for your reference.

The team at WeatherCheck has turned checking for hail damage and filing a claim a task that is easier to navigate. Give us an address and we will provide you with accurate information to start the process of getting your home back intact.

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